Well that’s a pleasant surprise, turn on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A that I have laying around just for fun and it tells me it wants to install Android Oreo. Yes please do.

I love listening to “Complete Developer Podcast” and this episode references Big Foot, so you know you have to listen to see how that plays out :). But seriously, it is a great episode talking about software code testing. overcast.fm

The Hardest Moments are our Greatest Achievements

New Podcast Episode of “The Life Creative”

We all have those moments that we think we have made a mistake and a project or task is beyond our capabilities and we decide to give up.


That is the moment of our greatest achievement and learning. When we solve the problem we will have learned a valuable lesson that is guaranteed to not be forgotten. Not to mention the boost to our moral.

Listen to this episode and let’s start a conversation.


Yes Santa did deliver today, thanks to moment. I am very excited to play with this lens from Moment, it enables you to create true anamorphic video using your mobile device.


OK it is wet, cold and miserable outside. Which means it’s the perfect weather to try and get some Podcasts and Screencasts in the bag!

Learn by studying those that inspire us.

I have been thinking about the topic of improving creativity by studying the work and methods of others. In this episode I share some thoughts on how we can expand our skills and creativity by recreating what inspires us as a way to understand how we can achieve the results we desire.

I’d like to stress that it is never acceptable to plagiarize the work of others, but I do feel it is OK to learn from the work of others.

Check out my episode “Inspiration and creative expansion by studying the work of others.” from The Life Creative on Anchor: anchor.fm/peter-wit…

Mixed up Monkey Season, someone please help this poor guy figure out which season it is, looking in the stores does not help him at all.


Game Timeline Pressure, The End is in Sight

OK my self imposed timeline for releasing my first game is getting short. I set a late December date and it is getting here fast.

The good news is that my Todo list is getting shorter not longer, the Web site is already ready for release and I’m now feature complete with just testing and bug fixes.

What’s that? You want more details … not just yet :) But soon.

Fall textures The colors and textures of the Fall are always so interesting to me, the transition from one season to another in such a short period of time. For more images visit grfxmedia.com


MicroBlog to Wordpress Auto Poster

I wanted to Autopost my Micro.blog to my WordPress and yep, I figured out a way to do it using IFTTT. Here are the details of what I did.

  1. I created an IFTTT applet that monitors the RSS feed from my Micro.blog username (I couldn’t not get it working with my custom domain name) as a trigger.
  2. As the ‘that’ action I hooked it up to create a draft post on my self hosted WordPress site peterwitham.com.
  3. Now when I post to my Micro.blog site it will post there, be picked up by IFTTT and then sent to my WordPress install as a draft post so I can check it before posting it. Once I’m satisfied that it’s working right, I will set it to automatically publish.

Hope this helps anyone that wants to do the same.

Such Joy

Every time I pick up my iPad Pro 3 12” I’m amazed at how light it is compared to the last one, really is a great bit of engineering. Plus now I have the pencil to go with it.

Tiz the Season(s)

So I’ve seen my first Christmas commercials and even lights on buildings. So that must mean the festive seasons are here, first up Thanksgiving. I do so love November and December, the one time of the year that more people find their happy place and share it!

Is it possible to have to much Apple hardware? Let’s see., Macbook Pro, IPad pro, AppleTV, and shoot in an iPhone